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A Disabled Discount Customer Testimonial

Thanks to your site I was able to locate caregivers and other sources of help for them. It was amazing. There is a world of resources out there of which I was previously unaware. My mom, my dad, and I thank you!Read More >


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Our Story

David with his WifeWe live with and understand the financial burden of disabilities... over 26 years ago, my wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.   In addition to the difficult emotional and physical adjustments, the family's financial strength weakened. Her earning ability became quite limited, and there were (and are) many additional expenses for her care and comfort. As time goes on keeping up becomes even harder.

After we moved to a new home we discovered there were little-known real estate tax discounts to which we are entitled simply because she is a person with a disability. 

This triggered the idea that there might be other discounts for people with disabilities. Through many months of research we have found there are many existing, but hard-to-find (and in some cases unknown), discounts available to us. These are discounts from local, state and federal entities as well as from private corporations, stores, organizations and other sources.

In the beginning we felt it would be wonderful if people with disabilities could save $100.00 monthly by taking advantage of the discounts that are out there. At this point, depending on which discounts you take advantage of, the savings are in the thousands of dollars.   Just as important, and on an extremely satisfying emotional level, my wife feels that she is pitching in financially again.